My online obsessions of the month: TagPro and an old friend

The past few weeks, I’ve moved away from my former obsession with Haxball, the multiplayer online soccer/hockey Flash game that helped me pass the time when nothing else was going on.  The switch happened when I stumbled upon a Java-based Capture-the-Flag style game called TagPro.  It’s another exceptionally simple online game with a chat interface and up to eight people playing simultaneously, but it adds power-ups, registration, and a leaderboard, amongst other things.  You can also join the conversation with the developer and the player community at the TagPro subreddit. Continue reading

“Write Me Off, Give Up On Me”

In a very distant time and place, MySpace was of the utmost importance to myself and my much younger peers.  Changing your Top Friends was a major social event and could lead to drama the likes of which TNT doesn’t even know.  Profile pictures, headlines, and profile names were the easels of a generation of quasi-artistic attention-seekers, the generation whose parents were both working and thought one kid was enough, so there was never anyone to show them approval for their latest exploits.  Who better to turn to than each other? Continue reading

A Good Monday? Apparently, Anything’s Possible

I barely got any sleep last night.  Two hours would be a liberal estimate.  Today was pretty much a lost cause before I got out of bed, or so I thought, but then I felt a bounce in my step at 7am for no apparent reason.

I think it really started yesterday.  It was a pretty productive day… after a rough start to the weekend, Kristin and I turned the house from a trainwreck into a Continue reading

Refinancing and hitting the gym: I’m only doing one of them right now

OK, first… I find it odd that my Love posts are getting more… uhhh… love than my rage posts.  I always assumed the political stuff was far more interesting than the mundane details of my personal life.  Yesterday’s post was one of my favorites, but it’s not really getting a lot of traction.  Not that I care, mind you, but I just don’t see what could possibly be interesting about my day. Continue reading

Valentine’s weekend, spring and summer concerts, and the weather

Wow.  First blog post of February 2013.  I really thought, after such an active January, that I’d maintain some consistency, but I’ve really had some off weeks.  I can’t really explain the differences, but from one week to the next, I can go from hyper-productive mode to super-zoned-out mode, and it affects everything from my blog to my obligations around the house to getting my lists of actual work knocked out from day to day.  I’ve been trying to catalog the differences (did I skip that early cup of black tea?) so I can pinpoint what truly drives me, but it’s still up in the air for now. Continue reading

Vacation has been booked! -or- Saving thousands of dollars using points!

(Note: Tonight’s blog is only going to be about the vacation I have booked for early April.  If you have a jealous streak or you tend to think anyone who’s excited about a trip is “bragging,” this post might not be for you.  I recommend coming back tomorrow.)

It’s official!  As of last night, Kristin and I are booked on a trip that will take place in exactly two months. Continue reading

Nice weather, upcoming travel, and a little sobriety

This weekend was phenomenal, in a word.  I’ll discuss the genesis of it later, but for now, I want to recap (and relive) it.  It won’t be the wild party you may know me for if you’re a personal acquaintance, but that’s sort of the point.  It started out with a Friday night out for dinner at a little local place over in Lakewood where I had shrimp tacos for the first time… not totally my thing, but not bad.  We got to bed early, slept in, and lounged around the house for a bit until we left for the West Side Market. Continue reading

Can somebody loan me a happy pill?

(Warning:  This blog post is terribly boring and pointless and whiny.  It’s better than watching The Bachelor with the girlfriend, but not by much.  There will be no refunds if you decide to continue reading.)

A friend pointed out on Twitter that today is considered “Blue Monday,” the saddest day of the year.  Of course, there’s no real science behind it, and this was just another gimmick thought up by a business to drum up sales, but it still struck me… I’ve not been myself the last week or two and it shows no signs of improvement.  Is it the weather?  Aftereffects of the multiple times I’ve caught a bug over the past five weeks?  Perhaps it’s simply a self-fulfilling prophecy from spending too much time watching the clouds and counting the days until spring. Continue reading

Not that anyone else is a fan of being sick, but I’m not either

So far this year, I’ve been to the gym once.  I’m not quite fulfilling that obligation I made to myself to run three times a week, right?

True story:  Last week, I was healthy on Friday.  I was sick until Friday, and I was sick after Friday, but on that one particular day, I felt pretty good.  I’m not sure what it is about 2013 so far, but today is the tenth and I’m finally getting back to 100%, so I’m guessing tomorrow will be the second day this year that I’ve actually felt like getting out of bed. Continue reading