Back for now. Let’s see if it sticks this time.

It has been quite some time since I added content to this blog.  Around a year ago, things were picking up on the Rage side due to the events in Ferguson, Cleveland, and elsewhere, but life definitely got in the way again, and I still haven’t recovered.

About 13 months ago, I was let go from my previous employer in what was both the most insulting and most freeing moment of my life.  The boss was unhappy that I was calling out the broken corporate culture in a series of tweets which did not identify the company, but nonetheless they rubbed him the wrong way.  In the meeting, I was shocked into silence because I had never been fired.  His “poor performance” excuse was laughable, but I wasn’t laughing about being unemployed.  It was only when he favorited one of the tweets and it became clear to me what had really happened that I realized he had done me a favor.

A few weeks later, I was offered a job more suited to my skillset, along with a title upgrade and a solid raise.  This week will mark my one year anniversary with the company and I’ve loved every minute of it.  I foresee a long and prosperous partnership.

That said, I was back to working from home again, something that took me a couple of years to perfect the first time around, and something that I’m trying to re-learn now that the days are getting shorter and colder.  The same challenges I had back in 2009 are taking a toll on me, and they’ve kept me from being the best version of myself.  Working and playing in the same room, not seeing daylight, and a generally sedentary lifestyle create a host of issues and after a year of avoiding them, this blog is a half-hearted attempt to get myself back in proper work-from-home shape.

I put in a mile on the treadmill this week.  First time I’ve been to the gym in several months, perhaps half a year.  I can still hit my fourteen minute mile, but I can’t do it three times over like I could a couple of years back.  That said, the two days after that run were the best I’ve felt in ages, and again, it’s just a matter of getting outside and getting physical… all of us who work from home know the problem, but it’s a huge hump to get over.  Between that and this blog post, my hope is that I’m on track to start making better use of my time again.

I’m leaving for a movie date with the girl soon, and after that I’m going to prep for my week.  Gotta figure out meals, scheduling, and maybe organize my desk a bit.  Gotta determine when and how much time I’ll put into the sauce biz, the Sanders campaign, and other projects and exactly what I desire to accomplish.  If I don’t, it’ll be like the last week and the week before, and I’ll just play TagPro and scroll through Reddit after work.  Productivity isn’t an instinct, or at least it isn’t for me.

Anyway, this was just sort of a ramble on what I need to fix and how I’m planning to do it.  If it’s a month from now and there has been no new content, it didn’t work.  With any luck, we can meet here in a few days and I can ramble again.