Resurrecting “Rage and Love”

It’s been a while, right?  Other than one post on the Rage section, I haven’t posted to this blog in over half a year.  I blame a lot of factors:

  1. My new job
  2. My new commute
  3. The crippling cold weather
  4. Various web-based distractions
  5. General laziness
  6. My new job, still

I’m still trying to figure out exactly what I’d like to do with this little corner of the internet, but I have a few ideas and I’m excited to get started.  I know that there will be sections on the site for both blogs, my radio show, and my barbecue sauce business, and I know that I’ll be launching with a new theme sometime in the next couple of weeks.  That’s about it so far.

There is a lot of catching up to do.  I’ve started quite a few new projects and have plans for quite a few more.  I’ve gone through some interesting times in the last half year and 2014 looks to be a year of self-discovery even more breathtaking than 2013, if only because I blew off the opportunities to find myself after last year’s layoff due to finding another job so quickly.  In a way, I think that quick turnaround (while very helpful financially) could be one of the main factors in the general dissatisfaction I’ve felt with life lately, which contributed to the lack of attention here.

I can’t say what’s in store for 2014, but I can tell you that I’m growing tired of simply talking about big changes and risks.  I’ve become a bit of a spectator of life instead of a participant, and with this blog post I hope to get back to living again, slowly at first, but with an eye toward the promise of a warm and sunny springtime.  No better time for resolutions than spring, right?

Coming up on the Love blog in the next few weeks, I’m going to talk about Comrade’s BBQ Sauce, the Invest Elyria Web Team, the IE Farmer’s Market, my new-ish job at Quicken Loans, my first official 5K, my new and improved garden plans, a recent elective surgery, and a lot more.  On the Rage side of things, we’ll get back to topics such as minimum wage, medical cannabis, working less, and the idea of continuing to “debate” topics long after they’re settled.

Also coming up on this blog, major changes to layout, format, navigation, and functionality.  Yay for new stuff!

I’ll be posting again within 48 hours.  Stop back!