The Past, Present, and Future – Part Two of Two

Note: My current domain name ( will expire in a few weeks.  In light of my separation from the company that gave me the moniker, I will be retiring this domain and moving Rage and Love to a new one.  I haven’t yet decided on which it will be, but I plan to update you here and on my other social channels when the decision has been made.

Here we are again.  Nearly two weeks have passed since I set out on a journey to discover myself and, as it turns out, I’ve actually made a little progress.  I won’t be revealing anything major today, but some of you that are closest to me may already know about the two opportunities that I’m most interested in.  I’ll post a few vague thoughts on both before we move on to other important business.

One of these is a job in the classical sense.  Leaving retail was a great move for me and it seems that the timing may have been serendipitous as a very intriguing position opened near my home last week.  I spent a few hours yesterday preparing a résumé and application to bring to my outplacement consultant today and she was very optimistic about what she saw.  Instead of a page full of redlined corrections, I received compliments on creating visuals of my successes with my past employer.  When I drove the documents to the HR person to express my interest today, I felt completely prepared and confident that I was putting my best foot forward.  Despite the fact that I may not hear anything for a few weeks, I feel that I’ve given them the best view of myself and that I would be a great fit.

The other option is one that has been brought up to me numerous times by myriad folks, from my outplacement team to my past managers and beyond, and I’ve started to open myself up to the idea.  Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone but I’ve ran my own business under hands-off leadership for so long that I feel uniquely prepared to sell my own skills and services to the public one-on-one.  There’s also a very welcoming environment in the geographic area that I’m looking to launch if it comes to that.  As of now, while I’ll still be keeping my eyes open for other options, I plan to move forward with this idea quickly if the aforementioned opportunity doesn’t pan out.

The biggest benefit to the severance package is the breathing room that can allow you to discover your own aspirations.  I still feel very fortunate for the way everything has developed so smoothly and I’m not leaving my future success and happiness to chance.

In the meantime, I’ve been promising myself that I would escape for a bit to finish clearing my mind of everything else and just live a little.  With the potential to be called in for an interview as early as next week and with Kristin’s summer break about to start, sooner is better than later, and once I wrap up this blog post I’ll be looking into the possibilities.  I have no other responsibilities for the rest of this week so I’m ready to release my spontaneous side.  I’m sure that I’ll catalog my adventures via Instagram and Twitter if I have coverage, but I have no idea where I’ll end up.

On the health front, I’ve officially lost eleven pounds and I have less than four weeks until my first 5K.  I have not made huge strides on my 5K practice but I’m going to tough it out for the Kerstetter 5K even if I finish last, behind all the 70 year olds, because this is an important milestone for me and nothing motivates me like being shown up by septuagenarians.

Tonight’s plan: Grabbing dinner from Midway Oh Boy in half an hour, figuring out plans for the rest of the week, and probably a little packing of supplies.  The bills are paid, the lawn looks good, it’s time to clear my mind.  Updates coming in another week or two!