Fall Out Boy Show in Columbus, Other Random Things

This was either going to be a short blog post or a long status update, so here we are.  First, let me say that I’ve found a solution to my Facebook problem.  Some of you already know that I usually have a few tabs open with stories that I plan to post on Facebook “later” so I don’t get too spammy.  I’ve been contemplating using Buffer for a while to help space these stories out, and today I’ve made the jump.  From this point out, I’ll be buffering stories as I come across them, and Buffer will post them at rationally spaced out times.  We’ll see what kind of schedule the app comes up with.  I hope it doesn’t post the good stuff at 2am.

The big story for me is the Fall Out Boy show that I’ve been talking about for over three months… I went to the show last night in Columbus with Kristin, arriving about 20 minutes after doors opened and being two of the last few people to get into the venue, so we were on the lawn.  There really isn’t a bad seat at the old Promo West Pavilion, and the lawn seats were completely acceptable for those who want to enjoy the music without the interaction that comes from the pit.  (Or, like me, those fortunate enough to be going to two shows and being able to spend one in the pit and one in the grass.)

One would expect The Phoenix to kick off the show, especially after the perceived “failure” of Infinity on High and Folie à Deux, but they started with Thriller (aka “Long Live the Car Crash Hearts” for casual fans).  It was a great way to start a post-hiatus show, and the evening would prove to be a great mix of old and new, with tracks from all of their major releases (TTTYG, FUCT, IOH, FAD, SRR).  As a matter of fact, they didn’t pull out a track from Save Rock and Roll until the fifth song of the night, when they played The Phoenix.  I won’t give away what they close with after the encore break, but I will say it was from back in the Take This To Your Grave days, and I nostalgia’d hard.  Man, these guys were missed.

Fair warning:  If you read reviews with set lists, they do seem to be playing the same set every night with the exception of one “rotating song” in the middle of the show.  Keep that in mind if you’re finding this blog while looking for reviews.  Also, if that’s how you got here, check out my show pics on Instagram at @agent5959… they’re not great, but they’re pictures, so yeah… you know.

I was a bit worried about how the much more electronic sounds from Save Rock and Roll would translate to a rock stage with guitars and drums.  It’s my opinion that a couple of the songs were a little rough and need some tweaking, but for the most part, they had that part pretty much figured out by this third night of the tour.  I’d imagine when I see them next in Minnesota (fourth to last night of the small venue tour), they’ll have everything tight.  As much as I’m in love with the new album, it was the old jams that really shined.  The band was a lot tighter than they used to be, which could be perceived as good or bad depending on why you go to a Fall Out Boy show, and it was obvious that Patrick has learned not to shred his voice in the first half hour of the show.

Fall Out Boy will be back out on the road in a stadium tour in a few months, with an appearance at Chicago’s Riot Fest, so if you can get to a small venue show, do it… and if not, there’s still plenty of time to see them now that the hiatus is finally over.  The key is to not panic, because it seems like they’re running like a well-oiled machine and they’re not afraid to mix the new and old.  I’m already looking for Cleveland stadium show tickets and considering Riot Fest… There’s no such thing as too much Fall Out Boy.

One note about the opener.  Hollywood Holt, a rapper out of Fall Out Boy’s Chicago scene, may appear to be a strange choice for a band that was once considered the kings of emo. Wisconsin didn’t give him a chance, but Columbus was good enough to reserve judgment,, and I’m glad they did.  He had a great stage presence, wasn’t above calling out the obvious demographic differences, and he had no problem stopping the set when a girl passed out in the pit to make sure she was taken care of.  After the show, he dropped by the FOB merch table to just chill and talk with everyone… not at a table, just out in the crowd with everyone else.  Plus, he liked my Instagram photo, so a big shoutout to Hollywood Holt for being engaged with the fans.  Check him out on last.fm or through a Google search… his stuff is out there and worth it.

So I guess this didn’t turn into a “short blog post” as expected.  I won’t lie… Fall Out Boy was the soundtrack of my life and it was devastating when they left the scene.  When I landed in Minneapolis in February to read that they’d announced a new album, a new tour, and a show that night in Chicago (that had already sold out), I was speechless… a rare state for me.  I had the album preordered before the shuttle even got me to the hotel and I was texting everyone I knew to let them know.  They were life-changing before, and they’re life-changing now.

As for today, I’m listening to the playlist that matches last night’s setlist, wearing my tour shirt, and considering some day drinking and grilling if the weather holds up.  What are you up to?  Leave a comment… this blog needs some comments.