Why isn’t the news media covering Occupy Wall Street? Simple…

Did you know that, before 2001, a company couldn’t own two television stations in overlapping markets?

The reason is obvious… if you control the airwaves, you control the news… and if you control the news, you control the people.

OccupyWallSt.org is consistently updating their site with the message that well over 1,000 protesters are still holding camp after five days of occupation, going into the sixth.  The pictures show a great example of one of our greatest political institutions:  Peaceful protest and assembly in a public area.  These images are powerful, so why haven’t you seen them?


Above, you see a link to a list.  Everything you’ll see on this list is owned by one company which is ran by one person.  Newspapers, television stations, cable companies, movie studios, websites… the entire gamut of news media.  The news media has turned into a business, a for-profit enterprise instead of a concerned self-reporting citizenry exposing the corruption in our nation.  The duty of the journalist has been lost, altered beyond repair.  They can’t whistleblow on the corporations when they ARE the corporations.

The #OccupyWallStreet movement is about ending the income and wealth disparities, healing the middle class and putting people back to work.  It is about social equality and fairness, which means the rich will be required to pay their fare share once again.  When the rich is Rupert Murdoch, his company simply ignores the shouts.  He has no interest in reporting the actual news… if it doesn’t follow his narrative, it doesn’t air.

But what of “liberal” mainstream media like MSNBC?  What of them?  They supported the wars and ignored the protests then as well, but they’re doing an even better job of blacking it out this time around because this time, it’s not just aimed at the Pentagon… it’s aimed at all the billionaires who have not enough shreds of moral terpitude to consider the idea that they owe anything to the people who made them rich.  MSNBC is just another Fox News.

Break them up.  Repeal the changes to the FCC duopoly laws.  Lower the barrier of entry for new sources of news and information.  Al Jazeera English is a great place to start, but we need a local resource as well.

We’ll never end the corruption if nobody has a camera and a mic to give us a voice down on Wall Street.