Details on #PTO15 and building a broader coalition before going live

Last week, I got a bit caught up in the moment.  I didn’t intend to suggest launching a movement at the beginning the blog entry (or even halfway through writing it, for that matter), but sometimes I simply feel like something would be so widely beneficial—and so widely supported—that there’s no reason to avoid it.  The fact is, though, that this is a personal hobby blog that has not published consistent content, has never worked to self-promote, and does not have a passionate (or even dispassionate) following.  Before we move forward with the #PTO15 concept, we need to build a coalition.

I would like to get this idea on the radar of my friends in the Occupy movement as well as Anonymous.  I would also like to get some more prominent bloggers and pundits talking about the idea.  With that in mind, I am going to step back for a few weeks to craft a brand around #PTO15, complete with all the messaging and aesthetics that entails.  My passion is in brand creation.  Instead of trying to start a movement from my little personal blog, I’d much rather place a curated brand in the hands of the influencers who can take it to the next level.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll likely be fairly silent, but if you have some solid internet detective skills, you’ll likely be able to track down some of the branding before it goes live.  Once we’re ready to turn it over to the newsmakers, we’ll launch from here and move into social and websites devoted specifically to the cause.  This will very much be a grassroots project and will not have a leader; I’ll merely be creating the concept and preliminary language and proposed targets then moving out of the way for a democratic process to take this where it goes.

Hang tight, friends.  In order to get a few days off, we’ll have to work some overtime.

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