Back in Ohio and Starting a New Schedule

I definitely haven’t written a “Love” category post in quite a while but the truth is that it’s long overdue.  Today, I started my fourth week back in Ohio, and while I’d imagine everyone knows I’m back, I hadn’t made it “blog official” yet so here we are.  The first three weeks have flown by.  I’ve been quite productive both at work and with the household chores that were in a bit of disarray upon my return and things seem to be working well in the eyes of both my bosses:  my manager Chrissy and my girlfriend Krissy.  Weird, huh?  Still, all around great news.

I paid out my lease, which extended through the end of September, and signed a paper stating that I wouldn’t reoccupy the premises.  Ostensibly, this meant I’d get my deposit back pretty quickly, but I haven’t received it yet, so we’ll see.  I look to be returning to Minneapolis for a week in late September; I’ll be sure to let everyone know and to plan a happy hour.  As I mentioned previously, the verbal agreement calls for me to return every six to eight weeks and I think that will be valuable time.

OK, so now that I have all that out of the way… congratulations to Kristin on her new job!  She starts tomorrow at (school removed because she wants to play by the rules – 🙂 ).  We both feel quite fortunate considering the fate of most college graduates, and further considering that her licensure hasn’t even arrived in the mail yet and she already has a job in her field; however, I didn’t have much doubt as she was a phenomenal student and a much better networker than she gave herself credit for.  The networking definitely paid off as this school didn’t want anyone but her for the spot.

The positives, other than the obvious, are many.  For one, Kristin will finally experience the wonders of having evenings and weekends off and being on a relatively fixed schedule.  I’m looking forward to having her here on Saturdays, though she may have to suffer through a bit of college football.  She has the month of July off, as well as winter break, spring break, and school holidays.  We’ll probably be saving money on insurance as well, considering my “Me + Domestic Partner” is a bit pricey.

The only downsides are the waking up at 6am which is about to be a big adjustment for both of us and that we’ll have to work our vacations around her times off, but considering that Independence Day and Christmas/New Years weeks were already part of my plans, it won’t be a huge adjustment.  I’d say this is pretty much all positive stuff and I’m pumped about the added stability and all that.  She’s not going to like waking up early but I’ll be making breakfast so that should help, because I make a mean breakfast.

Current time is 9:30.  I’ve taken a sleeping pill to help start the adjustment to early bedtimes.  Let’s see if I can make it work.