I haven’t quit the blog.. I’m just quite busy for “the holidays”

Don’t think the rage is gone… it’s still there and I have about a dozen topics saved up over the past two weeks.  From the NDAA and gay rights battles to the Boehner “taking his ball and going home” fiasco, there is no shortage of stupidity going on in DC right now.  Sadly, you probably won’t be hearing about it for awhile on this blog because I’m set for some much-anticipated vacation time.

At this time tomorrow, I’ll officially be on the ground in Ohio for a week.  I take off at a little after 5pm my time and land in Ohio at 9:32 Eastern.  It’s an exciting flight for me because the six days that I’m home will be pure vacation.  No work, no way, no how.  Upon my return the follow Thursday, I’ll still be on vacation until Tuesday morning.  I’m scared at what may become of my various inboxes while I’m gone, but that’s for when I am back on company time.  For now, once I’m on that plane tomorrow, work stress is out of my life.

I already got my upgrade for Business Class already.. so free cocktails to help out with the whole “forgetting work” thing, but then something really cool (for me) happened.. AirTran sent an e-mail related to MSP tomorrow saying to be there “NO LATER THAN 120 MINUTES PRIOR TO DEPARTURE” due to extensive holiday travel and heightened security.  The double whammy of flying from the Humphrey (smaller) terminal and getting to take the Business Class/Elite security line will save me a huge headache since I’m going to the airport on a tight schedule after work.

On that subject (flying is one of my favorite subjects this year), I was actually on two planes yesterday as well.  For those of you who’ve never heard of a points run or mileage run, the idea is that you find a decent fare and fly the route with the sole intention of gaining points and/or miles to be used to earn tier status.  For example, ten flights in ninety days nets you Elite status with AirTran.  Between my first flight home from MSP in October and my flight back to MSP coming up on 12/29, I had eight flights and needed only one more round trip to earn Elite, so when the most recent fare sale included MSP-MKE for 59 dollars each way, I booked it.  I left at 5:45 yesterday morning, had breakfast and returned before 9:30.  I was at work by ten.  Fun times.

Now I just hope that AirTran doesn’t rip those Business Class seats out too early due to the Southwest merger.

Last thing on flights… flying Kristin and Tiffany out here for NYE.  I’m taking them to Pizza Luce, 5-8 Club, MoA and then Bar Fly for NYE.  They’ll be here Thursday through Sunday afternoon, flying back home after some recovery from the party the night before.  Watch Facebook, I’m sure there will be a few pictures of the party as the night goes on.  There’s supposed to be a resolution booth… I bet the person in THAT booth has more fun as the drinks start to flow.

Ahh.. resolutions.  I resolve to be living in Ohio full time again no later than May.  I resolve to run a nine minute mile by the end of the year.  I resolve to make 2012 the best year of Kristin’s life so far, though I haven’t figured out exactly how to do that yet.  I’m going to make a financial resolution of some kind, though I haven’t figured that one out yet.  Part of me really wants to resolve to get an IOL (intra-ocular lens) implant in my right eye this year so I can stomp on these glasses and forget about them.

That’s it for me.. what are your resolutions for 2012?  Leave them in the comments!