Hello world! Welcome to Rage and Love.

Every good blog should start with a witty, dramatic introduction.  This is not one of those blogs.

The concept of Rage and Love is pretty straightforward.  The words were lifted from Green Day’s Jesus of Suburbia, where Jimmy (the main character in the American Idiot concept album’s lyrics) opens the song with the line “I’m the son rage and love, Jesus of Suburbia, from the bible of ‘none of the above.'”  I chose to use these as classifications for my posts, which I see fitting into two categories.

Rage.  While my political ideologies are not formed along party lines and I tend to disagree with at least a small part of anyone’s individual platforms (as any thinking person would), I do identify myself as a socialist.  I am very left-leaning on a majority of my stances and you will find that my concepts can and often do tend to lean toward the extreme.  Political, socioeconomic, or just general interest current events are a constant source of rage for me and I don’t have much of an outlet beyond Facebook, which doesn’t mix well when I have a very conservative family that probably doesn’t want to see my love of the writings of Marx mixed in with a recap of when I may be home for the holidays.  Therefore, posts tagged with Rage will be related to current events and/or politics.

Love.  I recently relocated to Bloomington, MN from Elyria, OH, where I have a beautiful, amazing girlfriend of over eight years.  Sadly, she was unable to make this move with me as she has another year of college classes and is taking care of the house we bought a couple of years ago, failing to predict this sudden move.  My friends and family are all still back there as well.  While I’m excited about this career opportunity, everything I truly love is back in Ohio.  There’s nobody to take in this adventure with me in person, so when a post is tagged with Love, I will just be sharing the mundane details of this new chapter in my life.

I’m not sure how often I’ll update the blog, but I imagine that it will be cathartic so I’ll probably be here at least a few times a week when my thoughts just won’t fit in 420 characters or less.  In between, though, you can catch me on Facebook and Twitter.  I’ll be updating the look and feel of the site, as well as a potentially detailed bio, as we go along so expect gradual improvement as I get the occasional urge to work on it.

As you read, always feel free to comment.  That’s what the internet is for.